About Mara

Mara Aronson (formerly Mara Ferris) is a Clinical Nurse Specialist with certifications in geriatrics and quality improvement, and is a Fellow of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. Since beginning her clinical practice as a nursing assistant more than thirty years ago, Mara’s clinical practice has been devoted to older adults and quality improvement in a variety of healthcare settings. She continues to provide guidance on quality improvement efforts, staff education, consultation, direct patient care, and interim management to health care organizations. In recognition of her clinical and managerial expertise, and skills as an educator, Mara has spoken at international, national, regional, local and institutional symposia, and has appeared as an invited guest on television and radio. Mara has also served as an expert reviewer for defense and plaintiff counsel in litigation. In addition, Mara is a reviewer for numerous professional journals and has more than sixty publications in professional journals, trade magazines, and nursing texts. Mara Aronson is the founder and president of AGES – the Association for Gerontologic Education & Services. AGES is dedicated to providing education to the general public and clinicians, and to supporting health care professionals better meet the needs of older adults.