General description of AGES:
In recognition of the growing population of elderly Americans and their patterns of special needs, the AGES: the Association for Gerontologic Education & Services is dedicated to educating health care professionals and the general public to help people anticipate, identify, and meet those needs.

AGES: the Association for Gerontologic Education & Services is dedicated to improving the lives of older adults by providing educational and managerial support to those who work with or care for elders in a variety of settings. 

AGES provides several services, including:

  • Education and managerial advice to client health care organizations to improve the quality of care and services provided to elderly patients.
  • Interim management or health care organizations during periods of transition
  • Education to health care professionals and service providers about the special care needs of older adults.
  • Support for special projects within healthcare organizations

Interim Manager
Finding the right person to fill management positions is not easy. Leaving key positions open during a search is not always a good solution. An Interim Director, Manager, or Educator may be a valuable option. Each facility has special needs. Some need an Interim manager to maintain the high level of care and services already provided. Others need an Interim manager to restore quality care following a period of compromised services.
AGES recognizes and can meet each facility’s special needs. Mara Aronson (formerly Mara Ferris) has extensive experience working with established management teams as well as assuming key positions on an Interim basis in both stable and challenged facilities.

Management Support
Each organization has strengths and weaknesses. There are times it is helpful to have an outside expert help the management team assess or improve the organization’s systems in providing care and services. Expert Review for Counsel When attorneys seek experts to prepare for litigation involving healthcare to older adults, AGES is able to work with either defense or plaintiff counsel. AGES is able to bridge the gap between legal process, healthcare services, and patient outcomes.

Resume and references are available upon request.